Updated January, 2022

Use custom social login to power your Spotify Pre-Save or Spotify Follow campaigns and gain richer and more valuable data.

Working in music you know the importance of tapping into your streaming audience. Streaming has skyrocketed recently, with the worldwide streaming giant, Spotify, hitting over 380 million active listeners each month.

So why did “drivers license” by Olivia Rodrigo get the most plays on Spotify in 2020 and not your artist’s track? Well, one reason might be that you’re not taking advantage of the small but mighty Spotify follow button.

In 2013, Spotify made it possible for its follow button to be added to any desktop or mobile web page. This small change was big step towards Spotify becoming the music marketing giant it has become. This little button allows artists to capture fans  and gives labels direct access to the people who are ready to spend money on their artists.

Knowing exactly who this fan is gives you a direct connection, but when is the right time to reach out? What are they interested in? Merch? Tickets? What other artists on your roster do they like?


Leveraging More Fan Value in Spotify

By using a custom Spotify Follow button you can tap into Spotify’s engine and take advantage of rich, constantly changing customer data.

You’ll get valuable data about your fans, including customer behavior, you just don’t get anywhere else.

Graph showing spotify streams going off the chart

Why A Custom Spotify Social Login Is Valuable

Using a custom social login service, like AE, to implement your Spotify Follow means you get permission to look at everything your fan does, because you’ve got permission through Spotify as “that fan.” When a fan logs in with the custom Spotify Follow button you’re getting access to all that fan’s Spotify data.

Here’s just some of the data you’ll see:

  • Fans who followed your artist
  • Fans who recently pre-saved an album on Spotify
  • Fans who have your artist on heavy rotation
  • Fans with your artist in their top 25 artists this month on Spotify
  • Fans who added your artist or another artist you track (Artist X) to a collection on Spotify.

This rich Spotify fan data can only be leveraged by using AE’s custom social login solution.

A tablet showing fan activity on Spotify

How to Take Action on Valuable Spotify Insights

Now that you’ve got rich fan data from Spotify you can find perfect segments of fans and send them a message that resonates.

Here are a few ideas:

  • Send a thank-you email to the fans who pre-saved and give them access to some behind-the-scenes album recording content
  • Advertise upcoming tours across Facebook and Google to the fans who have Artist X in their top 25
  • Send an email with the top 5 tracks of all time by Artist X to fans who recently added a track by Artist X to a collection
  • Advertise Artist X to Facebook and Google fans who “look like” those who have Artist X in their top 25

With Spotify’s data, you’ll see how your artist is performing. But with a custom Spotify login, you see how your fans are performing so you can target them the right way.

Re-market to your fans on Facebook with lookalike audiences

Get Real Results with Good Spotify Data

With precise targeting see your email open rates jump to 60%. That’s because you can see in real time which fans are into your artist right now. Yep, that’s precision targeting at scale.

Or use your Spotify fans to create lookalike audiences on Facebook. Lookalike targeting on Facebook generates impressive numbers. One example of great stats reported from Lookalike ad targeting was The Portland Trail Blazers, who used lookalike targeting and saw a 21x return on ad spend. That was a 77% higher return on ad spend than through their other channels. To really leverage lookalike targeting, you need to own your fan data — which you get with custom social login.

AE’s custom pre-save buttons look just like normal ones. The difference is the rich customer insights you’ll get siphoned into your dashboard!

Get More Streams

AE’s niche insights from your fan data will improve your ad spend ROI and increase your streams within 30 days.