Social Login

AE Connect, our customer identity and access management (CIAM) tool, uses social login to capture your users online.

Own Your Customer Data

Off-the-shelf social login hands your customer data over to the social login provider.

With AE Connect you retain key user data and stop giving your powerful data to social networks and streaming services.

The Most Login Options

AE Connect offers more data sources than any other social login product.

You’ll deliver customized social sign in to your customers across your website, apps with any service you can imagine.

Simple Yet Flexible Integration

AE Connect’s technology uses a light-weight Javascript framework on your website or app.

Your designers have complete control over look-and-feel while your technologists can access your data any way they need it.

Our proven social login will help you capture your users and collect your data insights.

Access Your Social Login Data

AE Dashboard


It’s easy to access your social login data through the AE dashboard.

From our dashboard you can easily see:

  • a single view of your user with multiple social accounts tied together
  • where each user signed up and which social network they used
  • the most attractive login choice for different customer cohorts.

We know you need a social login tool that is going to save you time and improve your performance.


Once your users are pouring in AE Insights will start to uncover opportunities in your customer data.



While your marketing and UA teams need instant data through a dashboard your technology teams and internal business groups need deeper access.

AE’s API allows your enterprise software stack, including internal business tools and service partners to access your underlying customer data and data structure.

Our customer success and engineering teams will work with you to build customized integrations so AE can push your customer data to the places you need it.


You need a platform that delivers performance and results for not only your marketing groups but your technologists.

AE’s Social Login & Data Privacy

Know that your digital data is safe, secure and compliant with world-class privacy conscious software so you can protect your users and your business.


GDPR & CCPA Compliant User Acquisition


Proprietary Privacy Center


Permission-Based Social Login


Member of Privacy Shield

Expert Guidance

Portraits of the AE team: Annabel, Jeff, mike, Morgan, Roxanne and Jason
Portraits of the AE team: Annabel, Jeff, mike, Morgan, Roxanne and Jason

We know it can be time-consuming and disappointing to set up a new data analytics system that may (or may not) get better results.

We’re here to help. Our team has spent the last 11 years working closely with global brands and their technology teams to build the most efficient and robust technology solutions. We’ll develop a unique setup for your business, and we’ll work with you to ensure its success.

If you’re ready to get results from your data, let us show you how AE can help.

Stop giving away your customer data.