Increase Spotify Streams

Know exactly what your fans are listening to and how often. Our real-time fan insights give you the best decision-making power. You’ll be the Robin to Spotify’s Batman.

Why You Should Use AE’s Spotify Pre-Save

Full Fan Profiles

Rather than handing your user over to Spotify with AE Connect you’ll capture your fan, get a verified email address and have rich streaming insights. We’ll pull everything into AE Insights so you only need to one dashboard to rule them all.

Fan Profiles That Evolve

We change musical tastes over time and so do your fans. AE Insights will constantly refresh your fan’s data, so you don’t have to worry about losing your fan because you mis-targeted them with the wrong artist.

Works With Your Marketing Stack

Use AE’s API to push data into your marketing stack or easily download reports to take action across email, mobile, social or the web. We know you need a tool that works with your current label setup so it’s easy to take action.

Increase streams with insights you can’t get anywhere else.

Track Insights

With AE you’ll know exactly what your fan is listening to in real-time:

  • Tracks On Heavy Rotation – Know exactly which artist tracks are on your fans’ Heavy Rotation
  • Added A Track to a Collection – Know instantly when a fan adds your artists’ tracks to a Collection
  • Followed the Artist on Spotify – See which music fans are following your artist on Spotify
  • Followed a Playlist – Understand which fans have followed a specific Spotify Playlist

These Spotify insights will open up new targeting opportunities for fan acquisition that lower costs and increase streams. Spend less and get more return.

Artist Traction

We all need to understand how an artist is performing on Spotify. The Spotify Artist Portal has lots of data but how can you reach those fans who have your artist on Heavy Rotation?

With AE, you can examine your full spread of artists or hone into one artist at a time and see exactly who those fans are.

You’ll understand which of your artists are getting the most traction on Spotify with your fanbase. You’ll also be able to see competitor artists and understand which ones resonate with your fans.

By knowing which artists are getting the most Spotify streams you can select the right campaign for the right artist to deliver ROI you can count on. Less stress and more impact.

Emerging Artists

Right now you’re likely guessing which established artist is going to be the best fit to piggyback your emerging artist. But how are you going to make sure it’s the right match before you spend all that money?

With AE you can make an informed decision based on real-time fan data. You will know exactly which established artists have the best cross-over with your emerging artist.

By really understanding which artists packaged together make the most sense you will know with confidence that your advertising campaign will resonate with your fans. No more guessing and better results!

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Stop Looking at Static Fan Snapshots

Most Customer Data Platform’s (CDP’s) hold static customer data, while AE Insights gets more real-time data from more sources than other data analytics products.

Graphic showing how AE gives up-to-date data, not relying on outdated facebook data.

Finally tap into the full power of your Spotify data.