Improve Marketing & User Acquisition ROI

Take action on customer data that makes an impact. Export segments of your unique data to the systems you use everyday and drive more conversions.

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Key Segments

Using AE’s unique business insights you can tap into a range of undiscovered cohorts.

Niche User Interests

Uncover unique niche interests of your users you didn’t even know existed. Spend less on keywords to find more people just like them.


Understand the influencers who’ll have the most impact and deliver the best ROI for your business. Have less stress and more impact with your influencers.


Know which users are considering jumping ship so you can bring these users back into your tribe. No more lost users and lost acquisition spend.

If you’re ready to get results from your data, let us show you how AE can help.

Custom Seed Lists

Take user lists from key cohorts and uploaded them as seed lists to Facebook and Google to create look-a-like audiences.

See the lookalike campaign example >>>

Example - Lookalike Campaign

A music label knew from AE Insights exactly which fans had listened to their break-out artist Mojo in the last 3 months. Using this cohort list the label created look-a-like audiences to advertise to.


Lookalike Results

This type of seed list, using AE insights, can result in 9x more online conversions.

Find new profitable users at one-ninth of the cost

Targeted Ads

Develop specific advertising campaigns to target users who engaged with the key brands.

See the targeted ad example >>>

Example - Targeted Ads

A mobile gaming company realized a key segment of their users listened to Fleet Foxes. They targeted Fleet Foxes fans in their demographic of 25-55, with a video ad that used relaxing folky style music.


Ad Results

These types of targeted ads result in conversion rates 1.2-1.3% higher than without AE behavioural data.

Spend less money per quarter with better conversions

Leverage Email

Using AE’s CASL approved and GDPR compliant verified email addresses leverage your owned channel, direct email marketing.

See the email campaign example >>>

Example - Email Campaign

A sports franchise used their compliant and verified customer emails to develop specific digital offers. Each email address targeted the at-home audience member with a team-specific offer, based on AE insights.


Email Results

This type of precise email targeting can get a $44 return on every $1 spent on email marketing.

Get an instant ROI boost from a $53 lifetime value email address

See how you can find new, profitable users with AE Insights

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Expert Guidance

With over 11 years experience working global brands we understand the challenges of looking at your data in new ways.

Our Customer Success team is dedicated to helping you find the opportunities in your data and see them make an impact.

We play nicely with everyone

As you start to see real results with AE’s data insights you’ll want to plug us into everything.

AE is designed to compliment your existing technology and be customized for your unique needs.

Technology Stack

AE plays nice with everyone online. We designed our API to integrate into all the major tech stacks and any internal systems your business uses.


Our team will offer best practice advice and quarterly reviews to make improvements to your insights and your impact.

Unique Set Up

We’ve spent the last 11 years working with global businesses. We’ll develop a unique setup for your business, and we’ll work with you to ensure its success.

Repeatable Workflows

No one wants to keep downloading the same report each month. We’ll build repeatable, customized work flows that save you time.

Marketing automation can establish deeper customer trust.

Find out what our CMO, Annabel Youens, thinks about marketing automation and how she sees it as an opportunity to build trust with your customers.

Uncover the hidden opportunities in your data