Data privacy regulations are changing globally and businesses need to keep up. Regulations like CCPA and GDPR are important but can be challenging to comply with when managing thousands of customers’ data. That’s where AE comes in.

AE was built with data privacy in mind. When designing our system, AE looked to the most restrictive privacy regulations that existed at the time. Since then, we have always stayed ahead of the data privacy curve.

This means that customers who use AE can focus on what they do best and leave privacy to us. Our system automatically keeps your customer data up to date and compliant, plus our Privacy Center, gives users the ability to manage their own data, saving you hours.

Keep reading to discover how AE automates data privacy compliance for our customers.

Explicit Consent

Terms of consent must be clear. Consent must be freely given and can be withdrawn at any time.

At AE, customers move through an explicit upfront registration process before they get added to our system. Basically, our customers’ members must opt in, otherwise we won’t collect any data.

Companies can offer opt-in at a general level or specific to their campaigns or brands. For example, members can opt in to all company content or for a single newsletter. This is especially useful if a company has more than one brand under its umbrella.

It isn’t enough to say that you have explicit consent – you have to be able to prove it. In the AE dashboard, you can clearly see where and when a customer signed up and and what they opted in for. This kind of documentation is necessary in order to stay compliant with data regulations like GDPR and CCPA.

Right To Be Forgotten

Customers have the right to ask a company to remove all their personal data.

AE is a centralized customer database, so no matter where the customer signed up, all the data will be compiled into a single profile. Further, if you go to that customer record and delete it, it will delete everything on that user across AE. It’s essentially one lever for a bunch of operations that would be painful to do otherwise.

Companies with multiple business units or large numbers of customers can further streamline user deletion by utilizing AE’s Privacy Center. This allows customers to access, modify, and delete their own data (learn more about that here).

At AE, we believe that customer data should basically evaporate as time passes – a business shouldn’t keep the data forever. If the member isn’t interacting with the business on a regular basis, then it should be removed.

AE keeps data for a maximum of 2 years, after which it is automatically purged. This can of course be adjusted. If our clients want to be even more stringent they can shorten that period to whatever they like.

Right to Data Access

Customers can request a full electronic copy of all the data collected on them.

With AE’s Privacy Center, customers can help themselves to the information they need. At the same time, companies can educate their customers on why they are gathering the data and what they are using it for. By explaining data use and providing alternative options to, say, account deletion, customers feel in control and companies get the data that advances their marketing. Not only are a lot of hours saved on data management, but a relationship built on communication and trust is encouraged.

With AE’s privacy center customers can:

  • Review and update login permissions
  • Review and delete account information
  • See their activity list
  • Download their data
  • Delete their account and information

Find out more about our Privacy and Data Compliance

Secure Data Systems

Companies must design their systems with proper security protocols in place from the start.

When designing our own systems, AE looks to the most restrictive privacy regulations that currently exist. So when AE was founded, pre-GDPR, we were certified by Privacy Shield. They were and still are a leader in data security frameworks.

AE has a strong security architecture that has been tested in numerous ways and proved to be a difficult environment to penetrate. Over the years we have gone through many rigorous infosec review processes with our larger enterprise customers. We’re talking long questionnaires, where every minutia of data security is examined and every box must be checked in order to pass.

All of these safety precautions are what has allowed us to work with large enterprise customers who are very diligent about data privacy.

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