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AE helps innovative companies to create two-way relationships with their customers.

We get permission from customers to track their social interactions with the companies they’re connected to — and present the data in an easy-to-use interface that tracks changes in real-time. Watch our video!

"In a world of data giants AE's got heart. These folks know how tough it is to get a fan's attention and they'll give you all the tools and support you need, plus they're awfully good people."

Paul Mabray, CEO at

AE Connect

AE Connect is our custom social login tool. It gets permission from your end customers to track their social activity.

Your customers can manage their online data through AE’s GDPR and CCPA compliant privacy center.

AE Insights

AE Insights is our dynamic customer data platform.

Your customers’ social activity, demographic information, transactional data, and behavioural data is used to create up-to-date profiles.

Results You Can Measure

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The AE dashboard

Get Dynamic Insights

Your customers are constantly evolving and your data should too. Unlike other services that only take a single snapshot, AE keeps customer profiles fresh by gathering data in real-time.

With AE’s dynamic insights, you can reach out to customers with hyper-personalized content and know that it will land.

Precision Target and Segment

Slice and dice your customer data to find ultra-niche customer segments.

Scoop those customers into a list and create lookalike audiences for better ad performance. Or increase your open rates by targeting new people that look like your best customers.

Competitor Analysis

AE makes competitor analysis a snap – just enter brands into the dashboard and let our engine do the rest.

Discover who the other brands that fit into your customers’ lifestyle and forge partnerships. Or stay ahead and scope out your competition.

Identify Top Customers

AE scores every behavior a fan does online so that the most active rise to the top. Discover who’s talking about you the most and reward them.

Strengthen your customer relationships by giving them the appreciation they deserve.

Start a two-way conversation with your fans.