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What Is Appreciation Engine?

AE is a customer insights tool that simplifies data for marketers.

It gets permission from customers to track their social interactions with the companies they’re connected to — and presents the data in an easy-to-use interface that tracks changes in real-time. Watch our video!

AE Ignites Your Digital Marketing

  • Keep tabs on your competition
  • See what your customers care about
  • Reward super fans
  • Follow the brands they love

One Place For the Data You Need
December 13, 2018

"To succeed today you need to know your audience and cultivate your community. That can be difficult when your customers are connecting using many different networks. AE brings all of these silos together in one place to give you the data that you need."

Who Is AE For? Relationship-focused marketers who want to watch their customers’ online behavior in real-time.

Sounds Good? Let’s see an example of how AE helps music marketers get in front of their fans…




The Night Tigers: A Case Study

Let’s imagine you work at a record label. You recently signed an upcoming band called the Night Tigers and you are excited to learn more about their fans. Over the past 2 months, fans have been signing up on the Night Tigers’ website using AE’s social login. Your dashboard is filling up with organized, filterable customer data. Now it’s time to use it! You’re ready to run an album pre-save campaign the Night Tigers, so it’s time to dig into the Spotify fan insights that you’ve gathered!

Digging Into The Data

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track fan engagement with AE in real-time


AE scores every behavior a fan does online so that the most active rise to the top. This helps you figure who are the Night Tiger’s top fans.

The AE dashboard makes market segmentation easy with the detailed customer profiles and filtering tools.

A facebook ad campaign that uses AE customer segmentation to target the right people

You’re getting ready to run an ad campaign on Facebook to promote a new single, so you check out the artist’s fan engagements. You can see who’s already been streaming the single on Spotify and you decide to exclude this list of users from the campaign. Plus you’re going to target this early-streamer-keener group with a special behind the scenes making of the video. You’re saving money and giving The Night Tigers fans precision-targeted ads!

use fan engagement data to make partnerships with the right businesses

  You also loaded in a few local beer brands into AE last month. Now you can see that the fans of The Night Tigers seem to love Singlecut Beersmiths. So you set up a time with the brewery to talk about a co-promotion. AE gives you all the fan engagement data you need to show Singlecut Beersmith that the partnership makes sense for them too.

watch your competitors through ae's dashboard

  When you first set up AE you entered all your label artists, plus competitor artists into the dashboard. Now looking at your Spotify fan insights, you can see that fans of your artist The Night Tigers are also fans of The Clean Shirt Villains, who are under another label. Why not target fans of The Clean Shirt Villains on Google and Facebook with a promotion for your artist The Night Tigers?

This all sounds great right, but how does it actually work?