Privacy & Data

Know that your digital data is safe, secure and compliant with world-class privacy conscious software so you can protect your users and your business.

Data Compliance



With AE you know the global customer data you’re collecting is GDPR compliant.



Your customers in California will have access to specific tools and features for CCPA compliance.


Future Legislation

Our privacy team stays on top of the newest changes to make sure your business and your users are protected.

We’ll help you protect your business and your users’ data privacy.

AE’s Privacy Centre

At AE, we are committed to helping our customers respect their users’ privacy. AE’s Privacy Centre gives our customers tools to develop a lasting, trust-based relationship with their users and fans.

AE’s Privacy Center is here to help the businesses we work with:

  • Offer built-in GDPR-level compliance
  • Stand out as leaders in privacy and trustworthiness
  • Scale the process by giving users the tools to manage their own data

AE’s Privacy Center is here to help end-customers:

  • See their personal data stored with AE
  • Understand what their data is being used for and how it’s being protected
  • Take action steps to change how the data is handled or to delete it
  • Feel safe, in control, and respected

Privacy Matters

We Value Trust

One of our core business values is Be Trustworthy. We’ll look after your business and your data like it’s our own.

Privacy Shield

We’re a good standing member of Privacy Shield and deliver the standards designed to help US companies meet the strict privacy standards in the EU.

Your Data Processor

All user data collected by AE is collected on behalf of the companies who use our engine. That means you own your customer data. AE is a data processor for enterprise businesses.

Stop worrying about privacy compliance.