In March of 2020 our work, home and lives were been uprooted, but that didn’t stop AE from launching a new tool, The Privacy Center. Read our post below from March 2020.

Privacy Center Launch March 2020

In 2020 we’re slowly morphing into our new roles and juggling many responsibilities as COVID takes control of our lives. Business leaders are being asked to guide their companies in new ways. One thing that’s true for almost all of us is that more and more online data is being created, shared, and consumed every day.  And with this surge of data it becomes even more necessary and expected of today’s digital leaders to respect data privacy.

At AE, we are committed to helping our customers respect their users’ privacy. We want to give our customers the tools to develop a lasting, trust-based relationship with their users and fans. As data privacy evolves, we will help our customers remain compliant, and at the forefront, of what’s best for their users.

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One of AE’s core values is Privacy is a Promise. We are committed to helping our customers respect their users’ privacy.

Today we launch the AE Privacy Center.

AE’s Privacy Center is here to help the businesses we work with:

  • Offer built-in GDPR-level compliance.
  • Stand out as leaders in privacy and trustworthiness.
  • Scale the process by giving users the tools to manage their own data.

AE’s Privacy Center is here to help end-customers:

  • See their personal data stored with AE.
  • Understand what their data is being used for and how it’s being protected.
  • Take action steps to change how the data is handled or to delete it.
  • Feel safe, in control, and respected.

While many of the tools in our Privacy Center are focused on compliance with the GDPR, regulations like this one have a global impact. If you do business online, you most likely have users around the world.

The GDPR has inspired many other countries to stand up for their citizens’ data privacy rights. Many countries are creating similar data regulations, such as the CCPA in the state of California. Depending on where you are located, these regulations will vary. We anticipate there will soon be a global standard for online data privacy.

For consumers, agreeing to give up some data is an expected part of digital life and even more important now. They know that there is an unavoidable transfer of data every time they use an app, buy a product, or subscribe to a service. Consumers want to see personalized content and have accepted that tracking is needed for rich online experiences.

Coupled with those rich online experiences, many consumers now expect to monitor and control their own online data. They want to know who has what and what they are doing with it. Data privacy is a universal human right and customers are rightfully demanding transparency.

The AE Privacy Center

In the AE Privacy Center, customers can take control of their online data. For example, they can see what data is being gathered and change their preferences.

With AE’s Privacy Center, your users can take these steps with their digital data:

Review and Update Login Permissions

Users can see which social networks they used in the past to log in and revoke permissions as they see fit.

Review and Delete Account Information

Users can see what personal information is currently being stored by AE, such as name, email, username, website, gender, age, phone number, birth date, address, and IP based information. They can remove individual data fields or delete all stored information.

See Their Activity List

Users can view the social activities that we have been tracking with their permission. They can clear this data and stop future data from being picked up.

Download Their Data

Users can get a copy of all their personal data, including account information, social login information, and a list of their social activity. We offer .JSON and .CSV file formats.

Delete Their Account and Information

With the click of a button, users can delete their whole account and all stored data.

See The Advantage of Sharing Data with Trusted Brands

While we offer account deletion as an option, we strongly recommend users consider other options such as turning off tracking or deleting individual data fields. We help users understand that the activity we track helps create rich web and email experiences and that in deleting their account they will no longer have access to those experiences.

Being A Trustworthy Brand

As more work and play take place online being known as a “trustworthy” brand helps ensure your company stays relevant. More than ever we’re going to see consumers around the world demand transparency in how their data is used. At AE, our goal is to stay at the forefront of consumer data rights, ensuring our clients are seen as leaders who care.

Is Your Customer Data GDPR & CCPA Compliant?

With AE you’ll know your digital data is safe, secure and compliant with world-class privacy conscious software so you can protect your users and your business.