We love our online world — it’s where we work, listen to music, order groceries or gifts and stay in touch with friends. We see huge possibilities for creating a beautiful future on the Internet…and we want you to be safe in that world.

Today we announce the launch of MyDataMyChoice.me. Sound the privacy trumpets!

We want to help consumers understand how their personal data is being used and how they can remain in control of it.

Annabel Youens, CMO of AE, announces the release of MyDataMyChoice.me in this video:

MyDataMyChoice.me exists to help consumers:

  • Make smart choices about how they share their personal data.
  • Understand their online rights.
  • Take action steps to improve how their online data is handled.

Preview what MyDataMyChoice.me has to offer below or check out the tool now!

Data Privacy Timeline

Find out more about the evolution of personal data with our timeline. Revisit pivotal moments in our shared online history and take control of your privacy with action items throughout.

Visit this page to explore how data privacy has changed and how you can be more secure online.

Your Data Privacy Rights

You have data rights, however, these rights aren’t global (they should be!). Your digital rights depend on where you live and the location of the companies you do online business with.

Visit this section to identify what your rights are and how they are being impacted based on where you live.

Data Privacy Resources

We scoured the Internet for the best sites, articles, and tools to help you take control of your online data. We break it down into topics so you can quickly find what is most important to you.

Visit this page to see our complete list of recommended resources.

Your Privacy and AE

If you’ve ever been involved in a brand contest that covers more than one social platform, gotten great recommendations for music or gaming, or received unexpected bonuses from one of your favorite music artists, chances are you’ve connected with AE. We are the software that companies use to collect and make sense of customer data.

When you use our social login, we keep a record of your actions on social media when they are related to certain companies (our clients). These companies then use that data to offer you recommendations, contests, and marketing campaigns. We want you to know how this works so that you can have the ultimate say in who uses your data.

We’re so proud of all the hard work and thought that went into creating MyDataMyPrivacy.me. Protecting your data rights is key to creating our vision for the future of the Internet. Hop over to MyDataMyChoice.me now and get to grips with your data rights.

GDPR & CCPA Compliant Data

Know that your digital data is safe, secure and compliant with world-class privacy conscious software so you can protect your users and your business.