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Spotify Analytics: Engage Fans with AE’s Social Login

Ever feel limited by the customer data available from standard “Spotify for Artists” reports? Get more Spotify streams and insight into your customers’ real-time behaviour with AE’s Social Login.

With our custom Spotify social login, you will see your fan behavior in real-time. Keep track of fan engagement like:

  • Tracks they’re playing
  • Artists they have in Heavy Rotation
  • Tracks they have in Heavy Rotation
  • Who’s adding an artist track to a collection
  • Who’s adding an artist to a playlist

We also have a variety of Spotify buttons that are super easy to install.  Simply add the code to your website and watch the data roll in!

Spotify analytics in real-time

Whether you are running your first or hundredth Spotify campaign, you know the importance of connecting with your fan base. Music labels have used our software to track fan engagement, including album pre-saves and collaborative playlists.

How would your Spotify campaign look different if you used AE? Learn how an independent record label used a 4-step marketing strategy to successfully launch their new album online.

Come see what you can do!

1. Easily view your fans’ Top 10 activities by artist:

Watch fan engagement with Spotify analytics software

FYI, you can also see your fan’s top activities with a global view that looks at all the artists you care about.

2. Check out an individual fan’s profile to find out more about them:

Capture fan data and track analytics using social login

3. Know exactly which tracks are in Heavy Rotation for any artist:

Track heavy rotation and other fan engagement on Spotify

4. Know exactly which playlists and collections your artist is being added to and when:

Know when a fan adds a specific artist to their Spotify playlist.

Close the audience feedback loop

AE’s intuitive dashboard shows you what your customers and music fans are doing right now on Spotify so you can target them with precision. No more guesswork or flipping from one social network to the next. Let AE do the heavy lifting so you can get strategic!

Want To Increase Your Streams

Start seeing insights in 30 days and stream increases in the first quarter so your boss appoints you team rockstar.

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