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Superpowered Social Login

The connection between customers and companies starts with permission. We get this via our social login tool — AE Connect.

Our social login looks just like a normal Facebook login, Spotify login or other Social login, but it offers far more insights to customers.

"AE is a massive force-multiplier for social marketing, making every dollar you spend on social much more effective. You can target specific customer segments with laser focus, and measure exactly how much the campaign contributed to your bottom line."

— Dave Moskovitz, Cofounder Startup New Zealand

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All The Data

Social logins are a convenient way for customers to sign in, or for fans to enter a contest. BUT not all social logins are equal. Most don’t share any of the customer data.

AE’s social login hands over ALL the data and behavior insights from customers and displays it in one super-organized, powerful dashboard.




Privacy = Respect

Data privacy is paramount to how we work.

  • We only collect data once customers have okayed it.
  • We only collect brand specific data, like when a customer mentions a music artist in their post.
  • We use GDPR level data privacy regulations.

Get The Engine Running

1. Pick a few Social Platforms

2. Connect them to your AE Account

3. Install our System on Your Website

4. Set up Brands to Follow

5. Dig into the AE Magic!