top 10 marketing podcasts 2019

Top 10 Marketing Podcasts in 2019

These are the best marketing podcasts to give you those aha! moments we all crave as marketers. Keep reading to learn what’s working from top marketing minds in music, sports, gaming, and food.

Music Marketing Podcasts:

1. Music Marketing Manifesto

John Oszajca, Former Major Label Recording Artist and Expert in the Field, takes listeners through the logistics of the modern-day music business. From growing an online fan-base to using Spotify as a genuine marketing tool, there’s a whole lot to learn from this podcast.

Listen to the Music Marketing Manifesto podcast here.

2. Marketing Musician Podcast

Aiming to help musicians get more sales, more gigs, and more exposure, the Marketing Musician Podcast is worth a listen. Topics covered include ‘Growing Your Audience’ and ‘The 3% Rule’. Each subject is presented in a clear, precise manner.

Listen to the Marketing Musician podcast here.

3. Music Business Facts

Without a doubt, one of the most effective ways to learn is to hear from the experts who have been there and done it. Music Business Facts is a podcast in which special guests and music industry experts share their secrets. From Vinnie Paul to Devin Townsend, this is a podcast that certain draws big names.

Listen to the Music Business podcast here.

Gaming Podcasts:

4. Tripleclix Video Game Marketing Podcast

The Tripleclix Video Game Marketing Podcast is a new addition, but it’s certainly worth your time and attention. Chris Erb takes the lead on this show, offering insights into how to promote and launch new games. The podcast also features remarkable guest speakers, such as Aaron Greenberg, the General Manager of Xbox Games Marketing.

Listen to the Tripleclix Video Game Marketing podcast here.

Sports Marketing Podcasts:

5. The Tao of Sports

Esteemed host, Troy Kirby takes a deep-dive into the world of sports business in this insightful podcast. Guests on the show include industry experts from the pro, college, and minor leagues, among others. Each episode is quick at 30-35 minutes long.

Listen to the Tao of Sports podcast here.

6. Sports Geek

Dubbed the ‘podcast built for sports executives’, the Sports Geek podcast is exactly what it says on the tin. Presenter, Sean Callanan, takes a look at current marketing trends within the sports vertical. He is joined by expert guests including the likes of Bryan Srabian and Dwayne Hankins on this intriguing and educational show.

Listen to the Sports Geek podcast here.

Consumer Marketing Podcasts:

7. Loose Threads

Featuring in-depth conversations with entrepreneurs, Loose Threads is one of the most interesting CPG podcasts of our time. The show was actually named as one of Fast Company’s 10 Best Business Podcasts. You can expect to learn more about the consumer market and how you can capitalize on the current trends.

Listen to the Loose Threads podcast here.

8. Brand Builder

Teaching lessons from some of the biggest and most familiar brands in the world, this podcast is a must-listen for modern-day marketers. The show looks at key subjects including leadership, PR, and how to partner with influential companies.

Listen to the Brand Builder podcast here.

9. In the Sauce

From the Heritage Radio Network, In the Sauce is a podcast covering how to build and grow consumer brands. The show covers a wide range of topics including communication strategies, how to get investment, and how to create a more ethical business overall.

Listen to the In The Sauce podcast here.

10. Food Marketing Nerds

Ready to ‘talk shop’? The Food Marketing Nerds podcast is an interview series aimed at helping business owners grow their food brand. You can expert specialist subjects, such as how to oversee product development and the role social media plays in your business.

Listen to the Food Marketing podcast here.


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