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You’ve just successfully created your mobile game and are unsure of how to get more people to download and play it. You know that you can’t rely on organic growth, but the cost of paid advertising can be daunting. Well, there’s another tool that you can add to your inventory of marketing strategies: email marketing. … Continue reading Why You Should be Using Email Marketing for Your Mobile Game

Mobile devices have made it easy to game anytime, anywhere. Considering that 88% of time spent on mobile devices is used within apps, it’s clear that users love having access to such a wide variety of options. The popularity of mobile gaming reached new heights during the COVID-19 pandemic. Users hit a record-breaking 1.2 billion … Continue reading The Importance of Targeted Advertising in Your Mobile Game Marketing Strategy

Like you, developers are coming up with exciting new games each year. But not all of them fare very well. In fact, 30% receive less than 5000 installs. Essentially, that means all the hard work put into developing the game goes to waste, with very few people ever playing it. And that’s by no means … Continue reading Why You Shouldn’t Rely on Organic Growth for Your Mobile Game

When it comes to nailing down the persona of an average mobile gamer— well, there is none! There are currently around 2.4 billon gamers in the world, and they range widely in demographics like age, gender, profession and personality. And 85% of gamers don’t even identify themselves as such, even though 30% play games daily! … Continue reading The Importance of Lookalike Audiences in Your Mobile Game Marketing Strategy

In the perfect marriage of technology and entertainment, smartphones have brought gaming into everyone’s living room, bed room and office – literally. Statista reports that revenue for gaming on smartphones was close to $63 billion in 2020 and predicts that will surpass $100 billion in the next three years. Middle-aged moms and teenage boys, doctors, … Continue reading Player Personas in Mobile Games: The Basics

These are the best marketing podcasts to give you those aha! moments we all crave as marketers. Keep reading to learn what’s working from top marketing minds in music, sports, gaming, and food. Music Marketing Podcasts: 1. Music Marketing Manifesto In the latest episode of the Music Marketing Manifesto Podcast, @rickbarkermusic joins us to talk … Continue reading Top 10 Marketing Podcasts in 2019

Synchronicity can be a beautiful thing — especially when you find the brand partnerships that connect your product to an entirely new market. Here are five examples of brand partnerships with social media influencers and the marketing strategies that made them successful. Shopping for a pair of shoes, a device, or a rideshare? You may … Continue reading 5 Examples of Successful Brand Partnerships With Top Influencers

One of the biggest questions we get is “Where should I add social login to my website?” Don’t worry- we’ve got you covered. In this article, we go through the top 3 places to implement social login on your website: Newsletter Sign Up, Contests, and Gated Content.    Think About YOUR Customer and YOUR website … Continue reading 3 Ways to Add Social Login to Your Website

Have you been watching? The year we’re about to close has brought a LOT of changes to the world of online business. Consumers are demanding privacy and becoming more leery of online sales tactics than ever before. The online landscape has already started to change. And that affects relationships that brands have with customers. The … Continue reading 6 Ways Marketing Automation can help Establish Trust with Customers