AE was featured on Music Think Tank, a leading music industry and artist advice blog. In our article, we discuss how Spotify Pre-save has hugely impacted online music marketing since its release. There are so many insights available through Spotify if you have the right kind of social login.

Having worked in the music industry for over 11 years, Annabel has valuable information to share about music marketing. In the article, she provides helpful suggestions for music marketers wanting to succeed and speculates on where the music industry is shifting.

To read the full article visit the Music Think Tank blog. We share some of our favourite quotes below…

Streaming for Success

“There’s no doubt that streaming is taking the place of traditional music consumption modes. And, with over 191 million monthly active users, Spotify has the edge.” – Annabel Youens


The Whole Fan Journey

“Traditionally, labels have focused on release cycles: promote an album and reach as many listeners as possible. Now, labels are looking at the whole fan journey.” – Annabel Youens


Reduce Fan FOMO

“Pre-Save campaigns make life easier for fans. Fans don’t have to mark their calendars, hope they don’t forget the release, and eventually download the album on Spotify. This technology adds value for fans, which goes a long way towards building loyalty.” – Annabel Youens

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