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Spotify Release Strategy Superpowered by AE’s Social Login

A major record label wanted to use a killer Spotify release strategy to get people talking about their artist, Sam Hunt. They decided on a unique and interactive experience to build buzz and enthusiasm…Little did they know that it would take his debut album to the top of the charts! Keep reading to learn how they did it.

Spotify Release Strategy, Maximized

Sam Hunt’s fans were invited to sign in through a custom Spotify login, then create a playlist inspired by the new album, Montevallo. The custom login allowed the label to track fan activity on Spotify. 

Spotify release strategy where fans made a Sam Hunt playlist

Custom Spotify login was essential to tracking fan behavior online.

Fans had several incentives to participate in the campaign. For one, their playlist submission gave them a chance to win a prize pack including a CD and t-shirt. 

Spotify release strategy using a Montevallo prize pack as motivation

Their entry would give them a chance of winning a Sam Hunt Montevallo prize pack.

Every week, Sam Hunt would also choose his favorite playlist, giving eager fans the opportunity to receive recognition from the artist. The hottest playlists would be featured on the website for all participants to see.

Spotify release strategy where playlists were featured on Sam Hunt's Montevallo campaign website.

The 5 most popular playlists would be featured on the main campaign page.

The Campaign Results

To say this music release strategy was a success would be an understatement.

The campaign encouraged fans to be creative and offered them clear value, so they were eager to spread the word through social media. The result? Sam Hunt’s Montevallo quickly and organically generated online buzz!

Superpowered Social Login

More importantly, this Spotify release campaign gave the record label invaluable information about Sam Hunt’s fans.

When they logged in with Spotify, each fan agreed to let the record label see their Spotify activities — the tracks they had on Heavy Rotation, the tracks they had saved, the artists they followed, and so on.

These insights made the Sam Hunt campaign invaluable. The record label was able to precisely segment his fans, uncovering who exactly made up his super fan base. The record label could then use these insights to guide their next amazing digital campaign!  Or use the data to dramatically increase the open rates of their newsletters and promotional emails…

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