Kesha automated marketing campaign

Case Study: How Kesha Reached 3.5 Million+ Fans with an Automated Marketing Campaign

Recording artist Kesha had a new tour to promote. Her management decided to focus on one thing to get the most results: fan engagement.

Typically, measuring fan engagement across different social media channels is a time-consuming problem. Kesha’s management team used AE as a tool to automatically run and track the campaign, making it easy to find and reward the most engaged fans.

Are you the ultimate Kesha fan? Here's what fans would see when entering the campaign.

Fans would see a screen like this one before entering the campaign.

Here’s the strategy they used to massively increase (and measure) page views, time on the artist Kesha’s website, social media mentions and overall engagement. Kesha’s management team ultimately reached 3.5 million people during their campaign.

As management put it:

“It’s been a low-cost, low-effort way to build social campaigns that generate a lot of buzz. AE has helped us solve some of our biggest problems: building more effective marketing campaigns and being able to track fan behavior. Big bonus: it’s nearly fully automated and requires minimal oversight.”


  • 29,566+ page views
  • ~3:33 min time on site
  • 29,770 mentions of the artist on Facebook and Twitter
  • 3.5 million people reached throughout the campaign

The Strategy

The Fan Engagement Campaign

Fans completed tasks online in order to compete for the grand prize. These tasks included:

  • Talking about remixes of Kesha’s songs on Facebook and Twitter
  • Using Shazam on two of Kesha’s  songs
  • Loving three Youtube videos
  • Tweeting about or mentioning the tour on Facebook (using a hashtag and @ mention)
  • Following or liking the artist on Twitter or Facebook
Examples of activities/tasks fans were asked to do in order to have a shot at the grand prize.

Fans were asked to complete tasks in order to win the grand prize.

This campaign was very streamlined and simple. Everything was automatically tracked by AE, and fans received automated email messages to coincide with the campaign in real time. The tracking also provided a leaderboard and incentives for fans who completed tasks, as well as notifications for completing a certain percentage of the campaign.

Automation: Tracking Participation and Rewarding Fans

Kesha’s management  set up a unique “portal” to track and reward fan behavior. The automated system — powered by AE — used social tasks and gates to drive a competition encouraging fans to complete activities by offering long-term rewards and incentives.  With AE tracking fans’ participation, the record label could see which fans were the most engaged.

The campaign used AE to automatically push and pull fans towards the goals, making a complex campaign possible without sorting a ton of data by hand.

Social Amplification

With AE, Kesha’s team was able to quickly build and track a high-performing marketing campaign without spending hours trying to manage and report on all the details.

Instead, they could see all the social activity with just a few clicks. It was easy to tell which fans were the most engaged, and how the campaign was progressing.

This automated marketing campaign generated a lot of buzz for an artist’s tour. Using automation, they tracked and rewarded their most engaged fans with little effort.

Data visualization of the AE automated marketing campaign's results.


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