UMG Music Video Promotion Increased Fan Growth by 200%

Universal Music Group Increased Fan Growth by 200% with Music Video Promotion

Effective music video promotion is no small feat.

When Universal Music Group released a new music video for one of their bands, they wanted to capitalize on the video’s marketing potential. Here’s how they used our platform to manage a promotional campaign that enticed fans to discover, watch and share their new video over social media. The campaign sparked 14,000 contest participants and increased the band’s fan membership growth by almost 200%.  

The record label used AE’s data-crunching tools to manage the contest and score the answers in real-time. They also personalized the scores and rankings for each fan in real-time.

Music Video Promotion Details

Fan questions that could be part of a music video promotion strategy

The video featured several Easter eggs of films directed by Stanley Kubrick.

Fans around the world signed into the band’s website using their social networks to watch the music video. After the video had played, the fan would be prompted with a question related to the video, and they would need to submit their answers right in the video.

After submitting their answers, fans would receive points and get real-time updates on their rankings.

The best part? Because they were using AE’s platform, all of this work was automated. UMG was able to let the music video promotion run on its own without having to analyze, score and rank fan entries manually — something that would have taken over 500 hours to do!

The Campaign Results

To say the music video promotion was a hit would be an understatement. In a short period of time, UMG was able to generate:

  • 14,000 contest participants over the 30-day campaign
  • Automatic and real-time scoring of questions and answers
  • Increased fan membership growth by almost 200% over the campaign
  • Massively increased page views and video views across Twitter
  • Saved 1,000s of hours of tracking, compiling, and ranking fan activity

UMG uses Appreciation Engine for marketing campaigns because they receive incredible value from tracking fan behavior on every major social network. With AE’s powerful data-crunching engine, they’ve built highly targeted and personal campaigns for their customers. The various layers of gamification, loyalty, and rewards, and recommendations are just the icing on the cake.

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