Things are changing at Appreciation Engine.

Our platform initially started as a social listening tool for music large labels and management companies. We’ve worked with heavy-hitters in the music industry for more than 5 years helping them engage with fans around the world. Earlier this year we released a version of our software to marketers brave enough to figure it out on their own.

Our vision continues to grow. We want to make our data and insights platform accessible to digital marketing decision-makers in music companies and beyond. The social login and customer insights space is changing at a fast pace and we know our solution delivers results you won’t find in other platforms.

Here are some of the changes we’re making at AE!

AE has to work for all digital marketers regardless of your marketing cycle.

We’ve done away with our 30-day trial, because sometimes 30 days just doesn’t cut it. Now you can sign up for a free test account that never expires. We want to first prove the power of our platform, so you can see how different our results are. We’re working on your schedule — not the other way around.

We’re building out a solid support team and inspiring materials to help you work with data better than ever.

Let’s be honest. It’s going to take a little time to learn how to work with customer insights and data. But we’re committed to helping you, every step of the way. We’re done with marketing buzzwords that make everything sound super-simple and easy to do — only to leave you hanging in the product with no idea what to do next. That just ends badly. We have a powerful social login & analytics engine that gets work done. You will need to put in some time with us but we’ll show you why it’s worth it. We’ve got your back with case studies, webinars, help docs and a customer service team all lined up to support you. Good marketing is hard work, and we’re here to help you with that load.

At our core we’ve always strived to be an engine that helps businesses appreciate their customers by understanding what makes them unique and how they change over time. And that is still the same today. If anything we’ve solidified our commitment to be the hardest working and easiest social login and customer insights solution to implement and use.

Our goal is to help you use our insights to find your marketing edge and see real improvements in performance.

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How we will help Smart Marketers Find Their Edge


Blake Stratton, owner of Abundance Marketing“A great marketer is obsessed with bringing a service or making an audience’s life better. That opens up everything else. Good marketers listen as much as talk. You need to set up systems to listen and respond.” Blake Stratton, Owner of Abundance Marketing

AE listens and responds using your digital marketing toolbox

We’re building out more integrations with systems digital marketers use everyday like Shopify, mailchimp, Spotify and more. We want to make it easier and faster so you can keep using the tools you love and see better conversion rates and save money on ad campaigns by using AE’s customer insights.


8-bit David Staley, owner of Rogue Music Alliance
“I’m always trying to get that extra edge and message people correctly.” David Staley, Owner of Rogue Music Alliance,


AE refines how you can precision target your customers

We’re aligning AE’s tools with your business goals. You want to get more Spotify pre-saves – We got you. You want to increase Facebook ad performance and spend less money. We got that too. We’re planning more goodies so your customer data is working to get your job done faster and save dollars in your marketing budget. If you’ve got a wish list item to help your marketing flow please do reach out and tell us what you need. (Use the bubble down on the right ->)


Mike Rosenthal, Brand Partnership and Marketing Consultant
“[Businesses] really need to understand the whole ecosystem and how AE fits in.” Mike Rosenthal, Brand Partnership and Marketing Consultant


AE has a blueprint to help improve the success of your digital marketing

Frankly, the whole social login and customer data space can feel like a huge complex mess. We hear you! We’re working very hard to make it clearer. We want to show you how AE fits into your marketing universe. Our purpose is to take care of the messy social login and customer data side of your work, so you can really focus on crafting messaging and developing relationships with your customers.

We’re reaching high with our goals but that’s what we believe is the most useful to our digital marketing friends. If you like what you hear please join us 🙂