How a nation-wide cinema chain used AE to increase revenues, adapt to the “Netflix” reality, and maximize customer loyalty.

Identifying Opportunities in Your Customer Base

Founded in 1998, Cinacorp Cinemas is a leading theater chain with 164 locations across the United States. Despite being a key player in their industry, they had a problem.

(***This use case describes the real-world problems of a fictional company.)

With the rise of streaming services like Netflix, Crave, and Disney+, theater customers were becoming increasingly hard to attract and retain. Despite having a popular membership program, Cinacorp executives worried they were losing touch with customers. Audience attendance was steadily dropping.

Cinacorp knew they offered the most exciting in-house entertainment experience to customers. They just needed to get their customers’ attention and remind them how much fun a night out at Cinacorp could be.

That’s why they used AE’s leading-edge insights and dashboard for brands to connect with their audience on a national scale.

Here’s how they did it:

Better Data from Their Membership Program: Cinacorp seamlessly added AE to their membership program login to find out exactly who their best customers were and what they cared about. They learned a lot — from the brands their customers were talking about to the music and shows they were watching.

Micro-Segment: In AE’s dashboard, Cinacorp easily segmented small, targeted groups of customers with similar tastes, and lifestyle interests.

Engage Customers: Cinacorp created revenue-boosting events and offers specifically personalized for each small audience.

– – –

That’s how Cinacorp used AE to become the market leader in a quickly-changing entertainment industry. They stopped suffering declining numbers and instead got fans talking about how exciting their theaters are.


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