Who are the richest gamers in the world in 2019? What are they doing differently?  We summarized the details for you here.

Since when are gamers making any money? Welcome to 2019, where E-sports is a booming billion-dollar industry and stadiums are being erected to house tournaments. 

The following players are the top 10 earners in the gaming industry:

10. Kyle Giersdorf, @bugha

Net Earnings: $3 million

  • At only 16, he won the 2019 Fortnite World Cup and took home the $3 million-dollar prize. 
  • Prior to this competition, he was only at $25,000 in earnings (which is still impressive for a 16-year-old). 
  • He says he will be spending his some of earnings on a new desk and investing the rest.

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9. Saahil Arora, @UniverseDOTA

Net Earnings: $3 million

  • This gaming vet has participated in 75 tournaments over a decade. 
  • A Wisconsin Native; considered one of the best offlaners in DOTA 2 in the world. 
  • Notably, he’s the only gamer to attend every Valve-sponsored event.

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8. Sumail Hassan, @SumaaaaiL

Net Earnings: $3.3 million

  • Moved from Pakistan to America to further his gaming career. 
  • While playing DOTA 2 for EG, he became the youngest gamer to ever earn $1 million through gaming. 
  • He was also in Time Magazine’s 2016 Top Influential Teenagers. 

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7. Jesse Vainikka, @iamjerax

Net Earnings: $3.3 million

  • Began his gaming career with Heroes of Newerth.
  • Currently a top player in DOTA 2; he led the newly formed Team OG to victory at the International 2018. 
  • He also runs his own merchandise company, Jerax
  • Jesse Vainikka’s net worth is estimated to be in the millions.

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6. Lasse Urpalainen, @MATUMBAMAN

Net Earnings: $3.5 million

  • Signed with Team Liquid in 2017 and has proven himself a valuable DOTA 2 player. 
  • In his youth, he played basketball for the Finnish National Team. 
  • He’s also hosted many major tournaments across the world. 

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5. Ivan Ivanov, @LiquidMinD_ctrl

Net Earnings:  $3.6 million 

  • An offlaner for Team Liquid; has built a strong DOTA 2 reputation for himself. 
  • He’s competed in over 60 tournaments and helped secure over 25 first place finishes. 
  • Despite some questionable anti-Russian comments made during a stream in 2018, he’s still a fan favorite.

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4. Johan Sundstein, @OG_BDN0tail

Net Earnings: $3.7 million

  • The original founder of Team OG; has built a legacy of wins in Heroes of Newerth and DOTA 2. 
  • In 2018, he achieved victory with Team OG and helped them win the largest gaming prize in history: $11 million dollars.

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3. Amer Al-Barkawi, @Liquid_Miracle

Net Earnings: $3.8 million

  • Prior to signing with Team Liquid, he was a notable player for Team OG as well as an esteemed non-affiliated gamer. 
  • With OG, he helped win the first-ever DOTA 2 Major. 
  • Today, he’s responsible for the mid-laner position on Team Liquid. 

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2. Kuro Takhasomi, @LiquidKuroKy

Net Earnings: $4.3 million

  • One of the top 5 DOTA players of all time, he is the highest competition-earning gamer in the world. 
  • He’s won over 36 different tournaments and maintains a coveted spot on Team Liquid. 
  • One of the three players in the world to compete in every International Championship. 

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1. Tyler Blevins, @Ninja

Net Worth: $15 million

  • Known as the King of Twitch; earned over $10 million dollars in 2018 from streaming on Twitch. 
  • The bulk of his earnings come from advertising, sponsorships, and donations. 
  • In terms of competitions, he usually earns $3,500-10,000 per tournament. 
  • Despite his low competition earnings, his immense profits from streaming have made him the wealthiest gamer in the world.

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