Privacy promise  Privacy Promise

We will look after your data and your customers’ data like it’s our own.
We will treat it safely and with respect.
We won’t scrape, sell or do anything nefarious with it.
We promise to delete it if you ask us to.

We take privacy seriously here. And no, this isn’t just lip-service. It means a lot to us that you trust us with your data. After all, smart data is what separates the average marketers from the excellent marketers! And AE is home to the most excellent of marketers!

This page outlines our Privacy Policy highlights. View our full legalese Privacy Policy here.

How we set up privacy at AE:

What we won’t do with your data:

  • Most importantly we will never sell your personal data or your customers personal data. That’s just not how we operate.
  • Your data belongs to you. We will never own it.

Things we do with your data:

  • We’ll use your data to help you understand your customers and your competition better. This includes showing you trends, analyzing user behavior and more.
  • We will create non-identifying aggregate data to use for reports or whitepapers, basically to show other digital marketers how effective AE can be.
  • Plus we’ll look at how you and your customers are using AE so we can make it better.

Things you can do with your data:

  • Ask to get it deleted. Just email us and we’ll confirm we’ve totally removed you from our systems.

The full legal nitty-gritty:

Our full Privacy Policy is available here with more details on everything we do. Please take a look and let us know if you have any questions at all.

from the whole AE team!