A pixel art image of Roxanne, AE's Marketing Magician. The text bubble says "Greetings travler! Welcome to Tavern Talks"
A pixel art image of Roxanne, AE's Marketing Magician.
A pixel speech bubble that says "Greetings Traveler! Welcome to Tavern Talks"

Welcome to Tavern Talks! Tavern Talks is the short form talk show hosted by AE’s Marketing Magician, Roxanne Baker. In each episode, Roxanne chats with experts in the industry about all things gaming.

So grab your favorite brew, pull up a cozy chair, and take in these insightful discussions.

Pixel art of a wooden shield with the words "Tavern Talks" and the AE logo

Tavern Talks #1 – Core Gameplay Loops and Player Retention


The core loop of a game is foundational to developing a successful player retention strategy. In the premiere episode of Tavern Talks, host Grant Spychka discusses core loops, metrics, optimization and more with SkyBox Labs Co-Founder Derek MacNeil.


Pixel art frame with picture of Skybox Labs Co-Founder Derek MacNeil

Derek MacNeil

Co-Founder, Skybox Labs

Tavern Talks #2 – Marketing Data Analysts and Player Lifetime Value


What does a marketing data analyst in a mobile games studio do and what problem are they trying to solve? How will this role change with Apple’s deprecation of IDFA? In this episode of Tavern Talks, new host Roxanne Baker discusses the role of mobile game data analysts and more with the Director of Revenue at East Side Games, Russ Ovans.


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Russ Ovans

Director of Revenue, East Side Games

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