Acquire new users for less cost

Our platform helps game studios maximize their retention and acquire new players for less cost per install.

Acquiring new customers for less money per install is mission critical

Organic acquisition is dead and the cost of CPMs is rising rapidly. We’ll help you lower your CPI by understanding key characteristics of your cohorts. With our tools, you’ll boost your advertising dollars, improve retention and drop your CPI.

Don’t wait. Turn things around right now.

Upward moving graph icon representing increasing return on ad spend

Boost Your Return on Ad Spend

Advertise in exactly the right places by leveraging AE seed lists to increase your ROAs so you feel like you’ve unlocked god mode.

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High Precision Ad Targeting

Spend less money on your advertising campaigns with a better click-through rate and drop your CPI, so you race ahead of the competition like you’ve found the secret warp zone.

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Own Your Players and Own Your Channel

Stop giving your players away to social networks. Own your players and develop your email marketing channel to talk to them directly so you can stop button-mashing.

We know it feels like you’re drowning in increasing advertising costs.

We’ve spent the last 10 years showing global businesses exactly how to target specific cohorts of their customers for less cost.

Let us show you how AE can work for you.


“Digital tools can be complex and unactionable. AE is run by digital experts who know how tough it is to get a fan’s attention. They’ll guide you through the whole process and give you the support you need, plus they’re awfully good people.”


“AE gives us a robust tool we rely on to capture rich moviegoer data from digital fan profiles. AE helps us change the way movies are being marketed.”

Product Manager, Movio

“AE is a massive force-multiplier making every dollar you spend on digital campaigns much more effective. You can target specific fan segments with laser focus, and measure exactly how much each campaign grows your bottom line.”

Cofounder, Start Up New Zealand

We work with:

Universal Music Group
Sony Music

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Our results

We help our customers make a measurable impact.

10+ years

We’ve helped innovative businesses improve their click-through rates and retention rates for over 10 years

Millions of hours

We’ve saved our customers millions of hours in manual player analysis

15 million users

Right now we’re generating insights about 15,069,040 users

Winning tech

Winner “VIATEC Emerging Technology Company of the Year”

You can lower your CPI!

Step 1: Talk to the AE team

Talk to our team

Our team will show you exactly how our platform gathers insights from your key cohorts.

Step two: run a quick launch trial

Run a quick launch trial

Our customer success team will be there for questions about our drop-in solution.

Step 3: Lower your CPI

Lower your CPI

Within one month you’ll see exactly where what your key cohorts are doing online and in 90 days you’ll execute campaigns that bring in new users with a lower CPI.

About AE

At AE we know you’re the kind of person who wants to win, you’re in gaming after all.

AE's dashboard shows you who your users are and the key characteristics of their cohort so that you can lower your  CPI

To have that success you need to know exactly who your users are and key characteristics of their cohort. The problem is the tools you use focus on your internal game stats, not on the broader internet world.

We believe you should stop giving your users away to social networks and own your customers with a direct channel. We understand you need a tool that delivers you improved ROAs and decreased CPI.

That’s why we’ve spent the last 10 years building a unique tool to help you understand the characteristics of your key cohorts so you can improve your conversion rates in all your channels. 

Here’s how it works:

  1. Talk to our team
  2. Run a quick launch trial
  3. Lower your CPI

Talk to an AE team member today, so you can stop watching your advertising costs increase each month.

Find out how you could lower your CPI.

Book a demo with one of our experts.

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