How to Set Up Social Login with AE

You’ve decided you want to use AE’s custom social login and insights so you’ve signed up for a plan. Now it’s time to get set up!

Step 1 – Pick Social Networks

You need to figure out which social networks you want to mine for customer data. AE can listen to Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, Spotify and more!


social listening on facebook
social listening on twitter
social listening on instagram
social listening on spotify
social listening on youtube

We recommend you offer at least three social login services to your customers. Pick the ones that make sense for your audience.

Step 2 – Connect Your Social Apps

Once you’ve determined which social media accounts your customers will use to sign in, you’ll hook them into our social listening platform, AE Connect.

AE Connect is the login box that offers social login to your customers.

Step 3 – Install AE Connect On Your Website

We provide step-by-step instructions to implement AE Connect on your website or landing page. We’ve also got a WordPress plugin that will do this for you quickly.

You may need a developer to help you with this step. 

Step 4 – Add Brands To Your Dashboard

While your developer’s working on AE Connect, use this time to enter brands into your dashboard. Any business or brand that has social networks can be entered easily.

Work in music? Enter in all your artists and sponsors you care about.
Work in gaming? Enter in all your games and competitor games you want to know about.
Work in food and beverage? Enter in the products, services, and competitors your customers interact with.

Step 5 – The Magic!


get real-time insights on your customers with ae

You’ve done it. Your customers are flowing into AE!
Now you can segment, start ad campaigns and more.
(You’re a marketing whiz. High five!)

See the impact of AE's real-time insights:


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