Key User Data

With AE Connect and AE Insights your business captures a range of personalized data about your users and their behavior.

Personal Info

You have access to: first name, last name, website, bio and username

Verified Email

You have a verified email address you can strategically target.


You have access to: city, country, gender, birthday and IP location


You have access to: niche interests, influencer and competitior engagement, plus much more!

The Most Social Login Options

AE Connect offers more data sources than any other social login product.


You’ll deliver customized social sign in to your customers across your website, apps with any service you can imagine.

Permission Based User Data

Explicit Consent

Our custom social login tool requires explicit consent from the user to share their data.

Privacy Compliant

Know that your digital data is safe, secure and compliant with world-class privacy conscious software so you can protect your users and your business.

Privacy Center

AE’s Privacy Centre gives our customers tools to develop a lasting, trust-based relationship with their users and fans.

A laptop showing an example of a social login, with gears and the AE logo in the corner

Simple, Yet Flexible Integration

AE Connect’s technology uses a light-weight Javascript framework on your website or app. Your designers have complete control over look-and-feel while your technologists can access your data any way they need it.

AE’s API allows your enterprise software stack, including internal business tools and service partners to access your underlying customer data and data structure.

Get the most value from your user data.