Core Technology

The foundation of our engine is our Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) tool and Customer Data Platform (CDP).

AE Connect

Use AE Connect, our Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) tool, to capture your users online through social, gaming and streaming services. Implement social login easily on any app or website.

AE Insights

AE Insights is our dynamic Customer Data Platform (CDP). All your customers’ activity is used to create up-to-date profiles that deliver unique insights not available anywhere else.


Easily add AE Connect to your website or application with our AEJS SDK and ingest deep insights with our REST API.

AE Connect - AEJS SDK


The AE Connect AEJS SDK is a straightforward, powerful and highly flexible authentication tool. Get going quickly with an ‘out of the box’ approach, or easily integrate with your existing code and design.

This isn’t a ‘widget’, it’s a framework.

AE Insights - REST API


Analyze your users and uncover insights into niche interests, influencers and competitors they talk to. Use our REST API to pull these rich customer insights into your own applications and dashboards, or feed additional signals from your business into the engine.


Expert Guidance

Portraits of the AE team: Annabel, Jeff, mike, Morgan, Roxanne and Jason
Portraits of the AE team: Annabel, Jeff, mike, Morgan, Roxanne and Jason

We know it can be time-consuming and disappointing to set up a new data analytics system that may (or may not) get better results.

We’re here to help. Our team has spent the last 11 years working closely with global brands and their technology teams to build the most efficient and robust technology solutions. We’ll develop a unique setup for your business, and we’ll work with you to ensure its success.

If you’re ready to get results from your data, let us show you how AE can help.

Valuable User Data

Off-the-shelf social login hands your customer data over to the social login provider.

With AE Connect you retain key user data and stop giving your powerful data to social networks and streaming services.

A laptop screen with different AE shapes flying into open hands.

Stop giving away your customer data.