User Acquisition

Use AE Connect, our customer identity and access management (CIAM) tool, to capture your users online through social, gaming and streaming services. Implement social login easily on any app or website to collect your own first party data.

Graphic showing how AE Connect works

Why You Should Use AE Connect for Your Social Login

Custom Social Login

Offer AE Connect’s social login to improve your user acquisition conversion rate, while you retain key user data and stop giving it to “those guys”.


First Party Data

AE Connect gets explicit consent from your end user to share their key data, so you don’t have to worry about being GDPR and CCPA compliant.

Privacy Center

Your users can manage their online data through AE’s Privacy Center which takes away the your management headache and strengthens your data compliance even further.

We can help you easily capture and consolidate your customer information while complying with global privacy legislation

What is CIAM?

CIAM stands for customer identity and access management. AE Connect is an example of a CIAM solution since our engine handles both customer identity and access management.

Access Management

When users sign up or to log in to your website or app, that’s what we call access management. You’re able to control how users sign up, what services they can choose, and what information they need to fill in.

Customer Identity

Customer identity is the user information stored in a centralized system for AE’s clients. This gives your business single, unique customer records that are always up-to-date.


Learn from CTO Jeff Mitchell what to look for when shopping for a CIAM platform:

Benefits of CIAM

Having a CIAM means you have a central source of customer data. This is critical for any business especially if you have multiple points of customer entry.

With a CIAM you can have users registering in many places through different places on your site: like a loyalty program, customer sign up and incentive page sign up. Using a CIAM all this customer data ends up in one central place.

It’s the same concept for multiple sites, or apps, that are part of your core business. With a CIAM you can have users registering through your new app, your older app and your website with the confidence it’s all in a centralized database.

Data removal is also simplified with a CIAM. You can know with surety that once you hit delete that customer, or data, is completely removed from your system.

Personal Identifiable Information (PII)

Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is information that can be used to identify an individual. This information could be used alone or with other data to trace back to a specific person.

Capture PII & Drive Revenue

AE Connect relies on PII to provide useful customer data for the businesses we work with. Use our tool to identify your customer base and understand key niches that lead to higher conversion rates and lower costs.


Capture PII & Be GDPR Compliant

The good news is that with AE Connect you can capture PII and be compliant with data regulations and customer expectations. Our built-in data compliance automates many processes required to be compliant.

Stop feeling unsure about your first party data strategy.