Business Insights

AE Insights is our dynamic Customer Data Platform (CDP). All your customers’ activity is used to create up-to-date profiles that deliver unique insights not available anywhere else.

Simple graphic showing how the AE engine provides insights that can be pushed to your marketing stack.

Why You Should Use AE Insights To Power Your User Acquisition & Marketing

Full Customer Profiles

AE Insights can handle all your customer data: demographics, transactions, onsite behavior, social activity and more. We’ll pull everything into AE Insights so you only need to one dashboard to rule them all.

User Profiles That Evolve

We all change, so do your users. AE Insights will constantly refresh your user’s data, so you don’t have to worry about losing your customers because you mis-targeted them.

Works With Your Marketing Stack

Use AE’s API to push data into your marketing stack or easily download reports to take action across email, mobile, social or the web. We know you need a tool that works with your current setup so it’s easy to take action.

Find new profitable users with insights you can’t get anywhere else.

Niche User Interests

Sometimes it can feel like you’re sending the same messages over and over to the same users and all the while your keyword spend rises. But how do you uncover specific niche interests with lower costs and better conversions?

Our engine listens to your users, with their permission, and picks ups key activities like:

  • What kinds of media/film/tv they consume
  • The kinds of music they listen to
  • What games they play
  • And more…

These niche insights will open up new targeting opportunities for user acquisition that lower costs and increase conversions. Spend less and get more return.


We all want to work with influencers because when it’s a good match the results are incredible. It’s challenging to know ahead of time if an influencer is going to deliver strong ROI on your work together. So how can you tell if the influencer you’ve selected is going to deliver?

Our engine listens to your users, with their permission, and identifies the influencers they already engage with online.

By knowing which influencers will have impact on our users you can select the right one and design programs that will deliver ROI you can count on. Less stress and more impact.


After spending all that time and money acquiring a user it’s disappointing when they stop coming back. Most often they’ve found a competitor that meets their needs better. So how do you anticipate which users might leave?

Our engine listens to your users, with their permission, and identifies the competitors their engaging with online.

By knowing which users are considering jumping ship you can design marketing campaigns that bring these users back into your tribe. No more lost users and lost acquisition spend.

Stop Looking at Static User Snapshots

Most CDP’s hold static customer data, while AE Insights get more real-time data from more sources than other data analytics products.

Their Customer Data

Static customer profiles with infrequent updates that grow stale.

These customer profiles pull data from:

  •  the initial user acquisition

Your risk of mis-targeting these users dramatically increases over time.

AE’s Customer Data

Evolving customer profiles with weekly updates for fresh insights.

AE’s customer profiles pull data from many sources:

  • the initial user acquisition
  • ongoing social activity and demographics
  • daily onsite and mobile behavior
  • transactions and loyalty program data

AE’s customer data changes over time, so you can always be sure you’re sending the right message that converts. No need to worry about mistargeting anymore.


Finally use the full power of your customer data.