Lookalike Audiences

Find Your Biggest Fans

… and create lookalike audiences that match them

AE enables music marketers to fine tune their audience based on their Spotify listening habits and many other social listening signals.

Know which fans:

  • have your album on Spotify Heavy Rotation
  • are talking about your artist constantly
  • are your most important fan base

Once you’ve got these groups of fans it’s easy to reach out and engage them with Facebook and Google ads.

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Google and Facebook logos

Use Your Fan Insights For More Successful Online Ads

Get More ROI from Google Adwords and Facebook Ads with AE’s Customer Insights

Create custom Google and Facebook ad audiences and set up perfectly-targeted ads that are 100% unique to your business — without leaving your AE Dashboard.

We make it easy to use your real-time customer data to create micro-targeted online ads. Here’s how it works.

Target Crossover Artist Fans

AE can tell you what other artists resonate with your fan base. From there, it’s quick and easy to advertise crossover artists to your fans.

AE’s crossover artist insights are especially helpful for emerging artists. If you’re trying to decide which fan base to piggy-back on with AE you don’t need to guess anymore.

Just plug in the artists or bands you suspect will resonate with your fans. Our engine will work it’s magic and voila. You know exactly which major artists you should be looking at for co-promotions or advertising.

A target with an arrow in the bull's eye.

Set Up Facebook Ads Right From Your AE Dashboard

AE helps music marketers create highly-targeted online ads based on their fans’ real priorities.

You don’t even have to leave AE’s Dashboard to set up your online ad campaigns. Just choose your ideal audience, upload your creative assets, and pick your settings. Set your optimization goals, events, and ad budget within your AE Dashboard.

Change up your advertising game!

Monitor and tweak your ads using our real-time insights into your customers’ behaviour. Even invite your team to manage ads with you.

Save time creating ads

Using our built-in integration with Facebook Ads and Google Adwords to target, re-target and create lookalike audiences for advertising will save you loads of time. We know!

With AE your Facebook and Google ads will be richer and more successful because you’ll be able to find perfectly targeted customers.