Simple Data


Your Struggle Is Real

You’re a smart marketer. You’re sending emails, refining ad campaigns, communicating with your team & clients and trying to fit in lunch (hopefully not at your desk ;). And while all this is happening a curious voice pipes up,

“Hey, are you sure we’re targeting our customers in the right way? After all, your behaviours change, so theirs are too.”

We bet you’re hearing this voice right now while you tackle the ever-growing digital footprint of your customers. You’ve got dashboards bookmarked and spreadsheets loading but maybe they leave you feeling like you’re out in the wild?

Your Data Holds The Key

You know data holds the key to making smarter marketing decisions and targeting your customers more effectively — if only you had an easier way of working with it.

At Appreciation Engine, you get a smarter way of working with data.

Put down your digital machete. We’ll show you the trail that’s hidden beneath your web wilderness.

Our data crunching engine helps digital marketers work smarter by clearing away the digital clutter and revealing the deep customer insights that are relevant to you.

An Ever-Growing Digital Footprint Of Your Customers

Data spread across lists, social channels and spreadsheets – AARGH!

Customers Finally Organized In One Place

The digital clutter is finally cleared away so you can focus on the marketing work you love.

Welcome To Smart,
Simple Insights

AE was born out of our little voice that said,

“Hey, there has to be a better way to sort out this mess of customer data.”

We knew that voice was right — so we decided to build it. We’ve been helping major music-industry labels understand their data for five years, and now we want to help digital marketers understand their customers better, too.

Insights You Can Use

With our insights, you’ll get better email open rates. You’ll spend less money on advertising and have more impact. You’ll know when a customer drops out of one segment and moves into another. And you won’t have to painfully guess at matching up customer data ever again.

Hello genius marketer!


Stop wondering if you’ve got it right and use your customer data with confidence.