Increase Spotify Streams.

Precision Targeting With Spotify

What if you knew exactly how to target your Spotify fans to increase your streams?

That’s exactly what AE’s Spotify login delivers. AE helps you use data to make useful decisions. Vanity metrics be gone!

Get deep Spotify insights you can use in your marketing to drive streams, pre-saves and collection adds.  

Be the Robin to Spotify’s Batman.


Real-Time Spotify Insights

With AE you’ll know exactly what your fan is listening to in real-time:

  • Tracks On Heavy Rotation – Know exactly which artist tracks are on your fans’ Heavy Rotation
  • Added A Track to a Collection – Know instantly when a fan adds your artists’s tracks to a Collection
  • Followed the Artist on Spotify – See which music fans are following your artist on Spotify
  • Followed a Playlist – Understand which fans have followed a specific Spotify Playlist


Artist Traction on Spotify

AE looks at multiple artists across Spotify. You’ll understand which artists are getting the most traction on Spotify with your fanbase. You’ll also be able to see competitor artists and understand which ones resonate with your fans.


Emerging Artist Insights

If you’re trying to figure out which high performing artist to piggyback your emerging artist with AE will let you make an informed decision. No more guessing! Really understand which artists packaged together make the most sense and will resonate with your fans.

Paid Spotify Users

With AE you’ll know exactly which fans have a paid Spotify account. Just look for the dollar sign. Prioritize these fans to get better royalty payouts.


Spotify Pre-Save

Use AE to drive Spotify Pre-Saves which lead to Streams and Artist Follows. This simple login allows you to capture a pre-save AND drive an ongoing relationship and understanding of your fans behavior.

Other Spotify Pre-Save services just capture the pre-save. Only AE gives you  ongoing insights to develop a rich picture of your fans.

AE is a Spotify Pre-Save One-Two Punch.


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Look At Your Spotify Artist Data

Spotify data from their Artist Portal is lovely to get your mitts on. But it can be hard to use effectively:

  • You know a fan has your artist on Heavy Rotation but you have no way to figure out who they are, or how to reach them
  • See your Listeners and know that number changes over time, but how do you advertise to them?
  • Keep an eye on your Followers, but there’s no way to put your promotions in front of them, when you want.
  • You can see comparison stats but you won’t know if your fan base crosses over to those artists. 
  • You don’t know who your top listeners are.
  • You can see your Pre-Save Campaign capturing new fans and streams, but again how do you develop that 1-1 fan relationship further?
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Take Action With AE Spotify Insights

We’re all about making your Spotify Insights improve your marketing work. Here’s what AE delivers:

  • Stop wasting money by advertising an album to fans who already have it on Heavy Rotation – exclude them from your campaign
  • Those fans you’ve just excluded, target them with a different message and make sure they’re feeling the love
  • Look-a-like audiences – one of the biggest music marketing challenges is advertising to the same people over and over. Use the fans who already love your artist to seed your Look-alike audiences
  • Understand who your core crossover artists are then advertise to those fan bases
  • Know who your top fans are. Develop a long-term relationship with those fans with special offers and promotions. They will be a fan for life!
  • Implement a Spotify Pre-Save campaign with AE Connect. Capture a pre-save but also capture valuable Spotify insights that in turn feed and improve your future marketing campaigns.

Better Together! Hook Up AE Connect with Spotify

Use AE Connect’s Spotify login. Add it to your artist website and fire up the power of Spotify insights you can take action on.

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