*content needs to be adapted for Deezer*

Look At Your Deezer Artist Data

Spotify data from their Artist Portal is lovely to get your mitts on. But it can be hard to use effectively:

  • You know a fan has your artist on Heavy Rotation but you have no way to figure out who they are, or how to reach them
  • See your Listeners and know that number changes over time, but how do you advertise to them?
  • Keep an eye on your Followers, but there’s no way to put your promotions in front of them, when you want.
  • You can see comparison stats but you won’t know if your fan base crosses over to those artists.
  • You don’t know who your top listeners are.
  • You can see your Pre-Save Campaign capturing new fans and streams, but again how do you develop that 1-1 fan relationship further?

Take Action with your Deezer Insights

What good is data if you can’t do anything with it? We hear you. We’re all about making your Deezer Insights improve your marketing work:

  • Stop wasting money by advertising an album to fans who have already added it to their library – exclude them from your campaign
  • Look-a-like audiences – one of the biggest music marketing challenges is advertising to the same people over and over. Use the fans who already love your artist to seed your look-alike audiences
  • Understand who your core crossover artists are, then advertise to those fan bases.
  • Know who your top fans are. Develop a long-term relationship with those fans with special offers and promotions. They will be a fan for life!
  • Implement a Deezer “Favourite” campaign with AE Connect. Capture a “favourite” but also capture valuable Deezer insights that in turn feed and improve your future marketing campaigns.