Acquire New Fans

Know More About Your Fans

AE helps music marketers see a complete picture of their fans across all their web channels, in one central dashboard.

Our data-crunching engine pulls together your fan data from all across the web: their social activity, streaming data, website visits, and email lists. What music are they listening to? Which brands do they talk about?

With permission, we connect all these pieces from across the internet and match it up on a single dashboard.

Take Our Social Login For A Spin

The best way to see how something works is to give it a try.

Our social login pulls in more robust data than any other similar sign-on service. And it’s easy for you to use and build into your WordPress website.

Want to see our social login?

Take a look at our Excellent Records website

Try signing in with a social service. Dude, it’s Excellent!

Digital High-Fives

When you create awesome value for your fans, you can track your work through our dashboard.

Whether you offer must-have freebies, access to music, promotions or contests, everything you imagine can be tracked and optimized for your fans.

Your fans’ direct permission becomes our touchstone to connect their data from several platforms and match it up in a single dashboard.

No more time wasted wondering if a campaign was successful. Know how it performed.

We Take Fan Privacy Seriously

AE is the digital handshake between you and your fans

There’s been a lot of talk about security around customer data and for good reason.  Businesses are becoming more open and transparent with how they’ll use customer data. We couldn’t agree more.

One of our core values is Be Good. Privacy is a big deal to us.

Our engine always asks your fan for their permission. We like to think of this as digital handshake that let’s you see what their interests are online. We do this in a way that respects yours fans personal privacy and helps you meet privacy legislation around the world.

Get A Personalized Fan View

With this deep view you’ll uncover what your fan really wants. Unlike other data tools, this real-time view shows how your fan changes over time, just like you do.

Your fan is dynamic and we believe your data insights should be, too. You can outperform your colleagues with an 85% growth in sales.

Our WordPress Plugin Makes Social Login Easy

It’s all over artist websites — fans can pre-save albums on Spotify, sign up to a newsletter, or log in through their social account.

Implementing social login, however, can seem a daunting task to independent record labels and independent marketers.

We’ve got a WordPress plugin that’s simple to use. We like to think of our plugin as a social login cake mix: we provide the delicious and essential components. All you have to do is add your website, stir, and bake!

You can download the plugin here. It’s free 🙂

We also have a super handy guide to help you install and setup the plugin on your WordPress site!

Get new fans fast with AE and start getting insights right away.