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GDPR. GDPR. GDPR. Anyone else still recovering from the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) inbox flood? If you’re based in North America, you’ve probably also wondered to yourself if you’re even affected by GDPR. (Spoiler: you are!) The GDPR’s Global Impact While centered on the European Union (EU), the GDPR has a global impact. Here’s … Continue reading What the EU’s GDPR Means for Marketers in North America

This post is part of our series: Find Out Fast If Your Business is GDPR Ready. Our goal is to help businesses make sense of privacy and data. AE is your Babel Fish for Legalese 🐠 The flip side of the onerous GDPR regulations is the new opportunity they’ve created for brands to be leaders. Marketers who adapt … Continue reading GDPR Compliance: How Brands Can Become Leaders in the Age of Data Transparency

This post is part of our series: Find Out Fast If Your Business is GDPR Ready. Our goal is to help businesses make sense of privacy and data. AE is your Babel Fish for Legalese 🐠 What Explicit Consent Means Clearly, telling your customers what you’re going to do with their data makes good business sense. … Continue reading Explicit Consent and Deleting Your Customers, The GDPR Cornerstones

To fully understand what’s happening in the world of GDPR and customer data, you’ll want to have a grasp of what web beacons and cookies are and how they work. Here’s our quick breakdown. Web Beacons Web beacons are often referred to as pixels that get tracked. They are small transparent gifs that live on … Continue reading AE’s Quick Guide to Web Beacons and Cookies

What is a Privacy Policy? Simply put, a Privacy Policy is a document that tells your customer what data you’re going to collect from them, how you’ll use it and who you’ll share it with. Why You Need a Privacy Policy If you have a business website, you should have a Privacy Policy. It’s important … Continue reading How to Write a Privacy Policy for Your Website in 2019

Yesterday Facebook announced some big changes and new data policies. Following on from the Cambridge Analytica boondoggle, Facebook is rapidly shoring up all the ways Facebook and Instagram user data can be accessed. Some of these changes will affect your AE account. It wasn’t really a surprise that these changes came out; however, it did … Continue reading How Facebook and Instagram’s New Data Policy Changes Affect Your AE Account