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Thanks for stopping by! We’re Appreciation Engine, but you can call us AE. We connect music companies (like UMG and Sony Music and all sorts of independent music marketers) with their fans, so that fans get better offers, recommendations and tailored content. Last year, we were named the Emerging Technology Company of the Year by VIATEC (Victoria Innovation, Advanced Technology, and Entrepreneurship Council).

Helping musicians find their biggest fans is our favorite thing to do.

We all know how it feels to try new software. When you sign up for something online, it can feel like you’re on your own because no-one’s there in person to help you. But hey, check us out!

We’re actual, real human people and we would love to help you get our service working. To get some extra help, all you have to do is click the blue balloon down in the right-hand corner and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Keep reading to get to know the AE team!

Jeff Mitchell, CTO and Co-founder

During my career, I’ve worked for technology companies big and small in Canada, New Zealand, and the US. I believe technology solutions should help to connect people, but that it should be done in a fair and transparent manner that benefits all. Outside of work, I’m a lifelong video game junkie but also read quite a bit and enjoy the great outdoors for hiking and camping.

Jeff recommends…

🎶 Critical Hit by Yukon Blonde: A great album to enjoy throughout the summer, and I look forward to seeing where else Yukon Blonde will go with their music.

💻 NASA’s Exoplanet Travel Bureau: Space, The final frontier. Where no one has vacationed before….

🎲 EthnosThis game is a nuanced combination of earning points for playing card sets and controlling the map. It’s quick, lots of fun, and full of replay potential.

🎮 RUINERA stylish and fast-paced top-down cyberpunk shooter, with a kick-ass soundtrack to boot. Go get ‘em, puppy!

🎶 Worm’s Heart by The Shins: Classic indie sound with an interesting twist.