I love indoor things like logic puzzles, Star Trek, UFC, music, and whiskey. I also love outdoor things like astronomy, geocaching, and kayaking! ✨ When I’m not off trying new hobbies, I really love to code. After all, it’s like a logic puzzle with new challenges every day. I love how AE brings a secure and unique way to connect companies to their customers, and I love that I’m a part of that!

Jenn recommends…

?  Westworld: Fantastic ideas and concepts, great storytelling, and amazing acting from the likes of Ed Harris, Evan Rachel Woods, Tessa Thompson, Thandie Newton, Anthony Hopkins, and more.

? Florence: Florence is a short game, but its standout design, music, and storytelling make it absolutely worth 45 minutes of your time.

?  Dirty Computer by Janelle Monáe: This album shows a true and rare talent. It’s worth taking the time to listen in full without distractions — it will enrich your day, I promise.

? OK Go Sandbox: The band OK Go created this website to teach others about all the technical work that goes into their amazing music videos.