Building relationships with team members and customers is the juice for me and nothing makes me happier than helping other people and companies get better. Outside of AE, I work on getting better at my golf game. Victoria is blessed with a year-round golfing climate and beautiful, challenging, diverse courses with my favorite being Cordova Bay.

Jason recommends…

? Train Ugly and the Learner Lab Podcast: Trevor Ragan presents the science on how to become a better learner in fun and passionate newsletters, blog posts, and podcasts. Be a Jungle Tiger!

? The Peter Ash novels by Nick Petrie: With a cover endorsement from Lee Child, the story of a special forces vet who can’t sleep inside and uses his unique skills to hunt bad guys and protect the good guys. Try Burning Bright which starts 200 feet up in the branches of a centuries-old California Redwood.

? CHiPs and The Predator: Two movies funnier than their box office success would indicate. They are anchored by the consistently excellent Michael Pena as “Ponch,” fighting freeway traffic, and Keegan-Michael Key as a Marine vet from the psych ward fighting alien bounty hunters.

? “Taking a Stand” by Henry Jackman:  The music that plays during the end credits for the best movie in the MCU, Captain American Winter Soldier.