I believe that truly successful internet businesses have to connect people. {wave} When I’m not online I’m exploring beautiful Vancouver Island. Things I love: everything sci-fi, literary fiction, coffee, Google Music, my workhorse sewing machine and board games.

Annabel recommends…

? The Americans on FX: Badass Russian spies, some of the best dialogue on TV, and 1980s nostalgia.

? Parachute Ice Cream: Parachute is a local ice cream company based in Victoria, BC and they make THE BEST ICE CREAM I’VE EVER HAD.

? The Great Interior Design Challenge: If you like interior design, British accents, and contestants under pressure, this show should be your next Netflix binge.

? Dead of Winter: A Crossroads Gamea cold, bleak, desolate feeling with a touch of zombies. Enjoy!

? The Vanity Fair Diaries by Tina Brown: glamor, glitz, back-stabbing, social climbing, legendary authors and ladies trying to get it all done.