I’m a web developer with experience in SilverStripe, Django, and Rails. I was drawn to the world of programming and startups when I joined Ladies Learning Code, a group that teaches women tech skills and encourages women to meet other like-minded individuals. From there I was hooked and decided to become a full developer. I took Lighthouse Labs‘ intensive web development program and then got my first coding job at a Victoria startup called ChatterBlock. Now with a few years’ experience, I’m using my awesome tech skills at AE! I love coding because it’s like a logic puzzle that’s always different and always interesting!

Jenn recommends…

? Westworld: Fantastic ideas and concepts, great storytelling, and amazing acting from the likes of Ed Harris, Evan Rachel Woods, Tessa Thompson, Thandie Newton, Anthony Hopkins, and more.

? Florence: Florence is a short game, but its standout design, music, and storytelling make it absolutely worth 45 minutes of your time.

? Dirty Computer by Janelle Monáe: This album shows a true and rare talent. It’s worth taking the time to listen in full without distractions — it will enrich your day, I promise.

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