Meet the Team

Since 2013, Appreciation Engine has been built with a lot of coffee, good music, and smart brains. Meet the talented and kind people who run, design, build, cajole, laugh, guide and support AE. Hello from all of us! 

Jeff Mitchell, AE's CTO

Jeff Mitchell

CTO & Co-Founder

I have over 20 years experience in the U.S., Canada and NZ developing technology strategies, leading development, and creating extraordinary companies as part of senior management teams.

Although I’ve worked at the enterprise level, I’m also passionate about working in start-up environments because they offer me the chance to develop technology platforms and business strategies from the ground up.

I use my skills, knowledge & leadership to develop technology that creates powerful solutions at all levels of business.

Jeff Mitchell, AE's CTO

Mike Penhall

Senior Developer

I’m a Silverstripe developer, music fan, fine wine sampler, and pug enthusiast based on a farm in Levin, New Zealand.

I’ve worked in the startup world for 10 or so years, as a content creator, community guide, and production manager, but primarily as a developer. I love the way that in the startup space no two days are the same, and that the landscape is constantly changing. Anything is possible!

Jeff Mitchell, AE's CTO

Roxanne Baker

Lead Marketer

From microbiology lab tech, to public servant, to comic convention artist, I’ve worked in a wide variety of industries that have lead me to the field of marketing. As AE’s Lead Marketer I’m using my creativity, research background and problem solving skills in a multitude of areas — marketing and social media strategy, brand development, graphic design, content writing and more! I also nerd out on data privacy policy and legislation, helping us continue to be a leader in privacy compliance.

After work I’m either behind the sewing machine or completely sucked into a new videogame or TV show with my cat Owen at my side.

Jeff Mitchell, AE's CTO

Morgan Deno

Head of Customer Success

As a Trusted Advisor, I’ve been working in Account Management and on the frontlines of Customer Support with over 12 years of experience. I’ve worked in the telecommunications and financial services industries, making this is my first foray into the technology world. As AE’s Head of Customer Success I’m collaborating with our customers, gathering feedback, data, and ideas. As the world of privacy continues to evolve, I’m looking forward to being part of a company that is ahead of the curve in privacy compliance!

In my spare time, you’ll find me outdoors with my wife and two boys, or getting healthy doses of adrenaline on my mountain bike.

Our Vision

We will fundamentally change how data is shared and used.

We believe that everyone has the right to control how their data is being accessed and who’s using it. With recent data breaches and consumers’ data knowledge evolving we know that AE is going to help shape the online data future. It’s a lofty goal but that’s the way Vision rolls!

Our Purpose

To help people & brands connect in a beneficial two-way relationship.

We fundamentally believe that brands and businesses that focus on opening up a two-way relationship with their customers will ultimately win. We want AE to be a connector that powers businesses to be more successful and customers that are loyal to the brands they love.