How our tech company is crossing the chasm without falling in (and bleeding out) ***This article originally ran in The Startup, a Medium publication.  The chasm between early success and continued market acceptance of a tech product has been made famous by Geoffrey Moore and his 1991 book, Crossing the Chasm. I like to think … Continue reading Scaling Your Startup Without Falling In The Chasm

Use custom social login to power your Spotify Pre-Save or Spotify Follow campaigns and gain richer and more valuable data. Working in music you know the importance of tapping into your streaming audience. Streaming has skyrocketed recently, with the worldwide streaming giant, Spotify, hitting over 191 million active listeners each month. So why did “God’s … Continue reading Get More Value From Every Spotify Pre-Save

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: APRIL 30TH, 2019 Download the .docx file Earlier this month, Victoria’s Appreciation Engine graduated as part of an elite group of growth-stage companies selected to be part of BC Tech’s HyperGrowth program. HyperGrowth is an accelerator program provided by the BC Tech Association aimed at helping growth stage companies ($1M – $5M … Continue reading Victoria-based Tech Company Among Fastest Growing in British Columbia

While great songs can take singers far, there’s nothing like a good music marketing campaign to help them rise to stardom. Let’s take a look at how Shawn Mendes got famous and the marketing strategy behind the Canadian singer-songwriter’s success.  Shawn’s (Marketable) Origin Story While most of us forgot about where Shawn came from … Continue reading How Shawn Mendes Got Famous: The Marketing Strategy Behind His Success

One of the biggest questions we get is “Where should I add social login to my website?” Don’t worry- we’ve got you covered. In this article, we go through the top 3 places to implement social login on your website: Newsletter Sign Up, Contests, and Gated Content.    Think About YOUR Customer and YOUR website … Continue reading 3 Ways to Add Social Login to Your Website

Singer, songwriter, and actress, Ariana Grande is more than just a pretty voice. With millions of fans (and even more in ticket sales), this pop star rose to stardom not just because of her talent, but also because of her digital marketing campaigns. Let’s take a look at Ariana Grande’s marketing strategy and see what … Continue reading An Inside Look at Every Digital Marketing Campaign Ariana Grande Has Produced