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Earlier this month, Victoria’s Appreciation Engine graduated as part of an elite group of growth-stage companies selected to be part of BC Tech’s HyperGrowth program.

HyperGrowth is an accelerator program provided by the BC Tech Association aimed at helping growth stage companies ($1M – $5M ARR) increase their revenue, grow their teams, strengthen their leadership strategy, expand into new markets, or attract funding.

“Our preparedness to scale our business has increased exponentially,” says Appreciation Engine Co-Founder and CMO Annabel Youens. “We’ve been able to identify gaps in our business we didn’t even know were there, addressed pricing issues, revamped our values, improved our customer success plan and put in place strategies to show scalable, repeatable business processes. The support and advice from our incredibly skilled mentors in the HyperGrowth program have been invaluable.”

This is the fourth cohort of graduates to go through the program. For six months, they are immersed in an intensive residency program that assists them in building comprehensive sales, marketing, and financial strategies through expert-led learning and work sessions and connecting them with world-class advisors, mentors, and executives from Vancouver’s leading tech companies.

“Appreciation Engine exhibits foundations and processes to scale their company. Upon entering HyperGrowth, the team realized that growth is a game of diminishing returns and they excelled at testing more to learn more, to better position themselves in the market,” says Nicole Parmar, lead growth mentor at BC Tech.
Appreciation Engine (AE) is a customer intelligence engine, making it easier for digital marketers to see how their customers dynamically change over time. It helps brands understand their customers better. The engine looks at what customers are doing in real-time across streaming services, social networks, e-commerce, and other online channels. Businesses who use AE’s proprietary system build trust with their customers, improve open rates, save marketing dollars, and drive revenue. AE: Dynamic Customer Insights for Smarter Marketing.

“We believe the future of digital marketing involves deepening relationships between brands and their customers,” says Youens. “In this future, customers will give personal information to brands they trust if, in return, they receive personalized content that makes their lives easier. Our technology supports that kind of relationship.”


NOTE TO JOURNALISTS: Founders of Appreciation Engine, Jeff Mitchell and Annabel Youens are available for in-person and virtual media interviews from Victoria, BC. Please contact Odette Jacquet to schedule.

Mervyn Mabini Manager of Venture Programs from BC Tech Association is available for media interviews from Vancouver, BC. Please contact Mervyn directly to schedule with him.

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