Celebrating 10 Years

It’s 2019 and time to celebrate our 10 year anniversary!

Back In 2009

10 years ago we started AE from our flat in Wellington, New Zealand (Hi Thomas and Mike!). We were fuelled by a passion to help local artists connect with their fans in better ways. And to be frank the music industry was in chaos with labels suing fans!

Zip Through Time
(In A Tardis)

Today we have a similar purpose: To help people & brands connect in a beneficial two-way relationship. We’ve expanded beyond indie bands and now support global enterprise companies in many industries who are eager to connect with their customers.

Privacy Is A Promise!

We’ve become even more focused on helping people to take control of their data privacy. We believe people’s data should belong to them and they should have the deciding vote on how it’s used. We want to play a part in changing how personal data is shared and used, for the better.

All The Thank Yous!

Throughout our journey, we have been helped by so many people. We wouldn’t be here today without them. A big thank you to every friend, advisor, board member and team member that has helped to shape AE.

To The Future

As part of our year-long celebration, we will be sharing
Top 10 articles related to startups, entrepreneurship, tech, gaming, music, sports, and more. We love to share what is exciting us and we hope to bring some interesting ideas to your day.


Annabel & Jeff

A very special thanks to these people who helped make it happen:

Hannah S, Thomas S, Mike P,  Trish P, Dave M, Nick R, Richard L, Julian C, Stefan K, Laura B, Adam B, Alana Z, James O, Virginia Y, Kirk H, Geri M,  Aimee M, Steve M, Bert A, Laura A, Simon Y, Deb Y, David M, Joe M, Joanne M, Ruban N, Kody N,  Joey H, Sophie B, Julie W, Adam B, Ben K, Kevin K, Tracie K, Ada M, Lindsay C, Avery K, Akshay K, Brad V, Chole H-W, Jennifer P, Odette J, Jason S, Grant S, Susan E, Andrea L, Matt Y, Tessa M 

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