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If you have online fans or users, AE’s
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Stop wasting time on insights software that is confusing and hard to learn.

Know what your fans are doing, in real time, across multiple platforms.

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Start seeing insights in 30 days and revenue in the first quarter so your boss appoints you player of the season.

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Build connection and revenue with fans inside your digital world, which makes everyone happy.

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Be confident your digital strategy is driving dollars and fan loyalty so you can stop waking up in the middle of the night.

We’ll Take Care of GDPR and CCPA Compliance

Know that your digital data is safe, secure and compliant with world-class privacy conscious software so you can protect your fans and your business.

Are you using your fan data to create revenue? If you answered no, see how we can help. 

We know how confusing it is to create a new revenue model from online fans.

Our team has spent the last 10 years showing global businesses exactly how to create new revenue in 3 months.

Let us show you how AE can work for you.


“Digital tools can be complex and unactionable. AE is run by digital experts who know how tough it is to get a fan’s attention. They’ll guide you through the whole process and give you the support you need, plus they’re awfully good people.”


“AE gives us a robust tool we rely on to capture rich moviegoer data from digital fan profiles. AE helps us change the way movies are being marketed.”

Product Manager, Movio

“AE is a massive force-multiplier making every dollar you spend on digital campaigns much more effective. You can target specific fan segments with laser focus, and measure exactly how much each campaign grows your bottom line.”

Cofounder, Start Up New Zealand

Enterprise Solutions

We work with all kinds of global businesses including mobile gaming, sports, music and multi-channel networks.

We work with

Universal Music Group
Sony Music

No two companies are the same.

Our team of enterprise tech-stack experts and digital marketing consultants will analyze your unique fan base, and recommend the best way to use insights to create new revenue opportunities.

More than just insights

AE is both a powerful analytics tool and a team of experts who can help you get the most value from your online data.

We put our 10+ years’ experience developing custom solutions for some of the world’s largest entertainment and media companies at your disposal.

Want to see AE in action?

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