This post is part of our series: Find Out Fast If Your Business is GDPR Ready. Our goal is to help businesses make sense of privacy and data. AE is your Babel Fish for Legalese 🐠 What is a Privacy Policy Simply put, a Privacy Policy is a document that tells your customer what data you’re … Continue reading How to Write a Privacy Policy for Your Website: Examples, Resources and Ideas You Can Use

My brother’s left Facebook. My dad is getting ready to leave the blue F. I feel pressure to leave it as well. Why? Because I know Facebook is making money off my data and I don’t feel like I get a lot of value from the platform. Plus I’m crazily annoyed by the “sponsored posts” … Continue reading My Struggle with Data: The Dark Side and the Light Side

Our top pop culture recommendations for the month of May. Jenn’s Pick Dirty Computer – Janelle Monáe (album) In short: This album shows a true and rare talent. It’s worth taking the time to listen in full without distractions — it will enrich your day, I promise. Dirty Computer, released on April 27, is a … Continue reading May Pop Culture Picks

Every two years, Jeff and I try to visit our Enterprise clients. For this reason, traveling has become a constant part of our lives as co-founders. To be honest, when I first started traveling for work, it felt rather glamorous. Now it’s just a fact of our business lives. (Jet lag is no laughing matter!) … Continue reading Data Security, Privacy, and Pints in England