I spend most days working across the table, or down the hall, from my husband, who happens to be my co-founder in a data-driven tech startup company. This month, the software company that we founded together at the beginning our our marriage, is being re-engineered. We’re in beta-launch mode, moving from working with enterprise-level clients … Continue reading Some thoughts on founding a tech company with my husband

Spotify offers users a toolbox of buttons including the much-loved Pre-Save option. But not everyone takes advantage of all the data that’s available from Spotify. There are more customer insights to be gleaned by implementing your own custom Spotify Pre-Save. By customizing your Spotify Pre-Save, you get valuable data about your fans, including customer behavior … Continue reading Get More Customer Insights by Customizing Your Spotify Pre-Save Campaign

Everybody’s using social login these days. When knowing more about your customers matters, it makes sense to pick up as many insights as you can about them. I’m sure no one is surprised that Facebook is the #1 social login provider. It’s quick to set up, it looks professional and it gives you a bunch … Continue reading Are You Marketing in the Dark? 3 Key Customer Insights Digital Marketers Won’t Get from Facebook’s Social Login